Boat Cleaned Going to New Home


Reinell Blue Water 2004 and 1998 4×4 Dodge Ram 8 cylinder.

Got email notice my boat indoor storage place was closing in 30 days mid-afternoon yesterday , right before getting into some projects around the house so I went and found a new place for the boat within the next couple of hours. There’s a few boat places within a nice small radius from the house but also very close to where the American and Sacramento rivers come together at Discovery Park.

Since it has been a very long time since taking my boat out it was caked with dust and the tires of the boat trailer were low. I needed to clean the boat up and put air in the tires. The guys at the place I was leaving helped me fill the tires of my trailer using their air compressor plus used the hose to wash and rinse the boat down, I then used my bucket and some rags plus cleaner and portable vacuum to clean my boat out. Also check out my cool 1998 Dodge Ram I have had for 23 years and its still going strong!

This really made me realize how much I miss and want to be out on the water fishing.

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