Getting Back Into Swing after Body Realignment Due To New Mattress


Looking back it should not have been strange but after I bought new mattress with the adjustable frame my body literally corrected its alignment very dramatically. I was adjusting my bed and one side of my bed would not rise so I decided to lay it flat for the night until I could call the company or figure out how to get the whole bed’s head to rise.  I laid there a little pissed on the flattened out mattress on my new slightly firmer mattress on my back and felt my left lower back and hip area get hot then felt my lower back move up felt my ligaments from my lower back then inside of my inner thigh, to my knee all the way to the heel of my foot tighten as if on one rope and then the pressure released as my lower back and hip just sucked itself went back into place like a rock sinking in heavy mud! I now no longer have that tightness in my calf muscle, knee and I do not feel my body is slightly twisted any longer!

I had meant to replace my prior mattress for a while but kept putting it off but this year it was just too much I have a first generation memory foam mattress that had a sag of several inched in the middle and generated some heat as all memory mattresses do. I’m more than sure that having a mattress contributed to my recent injuries which all happened on my left side that corrected itself. Even with my extensive stretching I was sabotaging myself with the faulty mattress. Led to torn calf, Achilles, knee tightness, lower back strain and me not able to get my run on! I can feel the differences in my stretches when I walk and when I get up in the morning I don’t feel my body joints popping any longer!

When I first moved out my mom told me to invest heavily in a mattress since you spend so much of your life there and it seems like its really paying off to keep doing that instead of letting it lapse!I waited a while before testing out seriously but tonight I will put things to the test at the gym, then it’s time for the running man come back!

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