Getting Home Gym Together Again


Getting my home gym back together once again in a different format than before. Before I moved to where I am today I had a full gym with pro leg press and curl plus 800 lbs of weights with multiple curl bars, straight bars, pull down, chin up bar graduated bench press/squat rack and an elliptical machine for cardio when I decided not to run one of my street courses or it was late at night. 15 plus years after moving where I am currently I have more square footage but it wasn’t configured for use of that equipment. I ended up selling most of that and donated the leg machines to my old high school. I then started going to the local gym.

The only thing I saved from that time was a Roman chair I use for abs and back. What I have now is replaced the weights with PowerBlock adjustable dumbbells 💪 picked up a treadmill to use with my Roman chair.

I went treadmill because I wanted to emulate my running during these Covid-19 days and beyond even when schedule doesn’t allow me to get in an outside run 🏃‍♂️. The adjustable dumbbells will not take up much room.

After much research and shopping around I went with the Sole F85 treadmill with a 4.0 motor that will handle current weight future pace and growth since I intend to get in shape for not just finishing 5k and 10k runs but being competitive again in the front pack again with my new running style.

Taking it slow but pushing on the treadmill on pace as much as possible as necessary. The treadmill also saves me from myself. I tend to get really pumped running when I start feeling improvement and on road courses or tracks I have done too much too early and injured myself in the past.

The weights with high reps will add to my flexibility of my joints and muscles and give overall core strength and stamina.

I have had the Sole F85 treadmill for a few weeks and just got the Powerblock dumbbells today. I will get the bench tomorrow then look for other accessories like chin up bar and some leg accessories though I think I can get creative with the dumbbells for legs.

Right now everything is in the den but will get rid of things and move stuff around and try to use one of my rooms. With all the stuff I have it’s a daunting task to make room but it will get done!

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