Fishing in VFF KSO’s


Well I wasn’t feeling great and needed to get out and wanted some fresh but hot air so in the late afternoon here in Sacramento this past Sunday so I went and bought a fishing license and headed to the American River parkway, to of course fish the American River from the banks.

I took my special fanny pack with lures, a couple of select poles and for some reason my large tackle box and my KSO VFF’s (Vibram Five Fingers). I have been so busy with so much lately I realized I hadn’t been out on trails fishing with my VFF’s. I took the KSO’s instead of the Flows since it was hot and I still needs to wash all of my VFF’s and I generally like to wear the Flows without my Injinji toe socks in warm weather. I wore the socks with my KSO’s to prevent the after funk. I just really need to remember to wash these things.

Anyway the KSO’s felt so nice on the dirt trails even on the sharp rocks next to the raised train tracks while uncomfortable I didn’t have to worry about my ankle turning on the uneven surfaces. I really liked the way I was able to get to those special casting spots by crawling on fallen tree trunks, soft dirt outcrops jutting into the river without the usual foot sliding due to not getting a grip.

 I really love how I was able to stand on a thin strip of dirt right next to the water beneath tree roots, keep my balance while casting in all the directions I wanted without getting into an unbalanced stance.

Walking back past all of the oak trees, wid licorice smelling plants on the horse trail felt great on my KSO’s. I will definitely be taking out the VFF’s on the trails fishing a lot more now.Come to think of it I think the VFF’s are intended for this type of outdoor activity on trails and climbing not just the running I have been using them for.

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