Darryl’s 2011Gardening Start


This years garden is a little late getting together due to needing to get the rental together and the weather but here’s the start of the garden front & back before I get time to smooth the details out.  I need to grab some bark for the front where I put down weed block and make the grapes climb my structure I built out of PVC pipe. The PVC pipe was there from when I put the sprinklers in (yes all by myself) a few years ago. This project cleaned up some clutter and provided a needed solution to how I want my grapes to climb for now.

I will also employ a net trellis for my peas and beans to climb if the rodents don’t eat them this year!

I have employed an ultrasonic rodent repellent this year to keep the rodents out of the garden.

Here are some pics of the gardens with still a few things to do.



The following pics are what I did during the so called storm in Sacramento yesterday morning and part of the early evening late afternoon.



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