Still Making Changes On Site


I’m still making sweeping changes on the site as you can see. One of the things I’m doing is trying to find out how I want to present my photos on the site.
I tried a regular blog setting ( ) and then uploaded photos that way.
I have also discovered another plugin to the Movabletype blog system I began working on last week called Photo Gallery by Stop Design and I’m leaning towards that over the regular blog settings (
I have one other software I may try as well called Gallery ( which I downloaded but haven’t started fully configuring yet.
Check back and view the many changes as some of you know this is a project that helps me, I think, stay in touch with some IT skills and plus its fun. The reason I mention that is that the things I do on my site are done on a system I built in my home in my room and I have to configure every aspect of it so its not just slapping software on the system and it works. So if the changes take a while since this is not a site hosted on an external web server where mostly everything is setup for you. I am doing more than just changing a few web pages.
I also get caught up in other projects that need to be taken care of and other matters of life fun, dreary and everything in between.
Just keep checking back while doing research for some of the things I’m doing I saw lots of items I want to include on the site.
It’s late and I’m out!

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