X11 Hogging CPU on Login Another Update


Well it wasn’t the fact that I had reset the permissions to be more permissive that solved the X11 issue. The issue came roaring right back for some reason that I haven’t pinpointed.
I’m back to my original thoughts of possible video card issue but that may not fly either since all was well for so long although I rarely have been doing anything significant on my web server the past several months so I haven’t really exercised the X11 desktop on my web server.
That’s the thing trying to pinpoint if this was a recent issue or something that has been lurking waiting for me to really get in and do something. Looking back I have been doing things remotely logging in from other systems on the LAN to ftp files around and look at things so I wouldn’t have to mess with the KVM switch that was in an inconvenient location.
I tried using the new Nvidia Linux driver (http://www.nvidia.com/object/linux_display_ia32_1.0-8174.html ) and that looked cool but produced the same type of behavior. I’m not getting a lot of clues in the XFree86.log.
I’m moving the Web Server over to another system I’m building anyway but I will troubleshoot this still but the urgency will not be there. Actually I can still always get in via my other tools remotely and other systems so there is no real reason to dive in too deep right now with all my other projects percolating

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