I upped the RAM on my system that streams out the music as it had been topping out with my updated virus scanning software at 98%. I basically tripled the memory from 8gb RAM to 24gb RAM which also should do better handling more streams as well. I may increase more but we shall see. That was the only resource being consumed totally and now its at 11% usage where it was 89% and above before. CPU usage and network resources are still strong it was only memory that was the issue.

a The memory would have been very quick fix normally but my existing rails don’t quite fit my new servers I have gotten recently and I haven’t had time to do any custom adaptations and the systems were stacked on each other. My music streaming software that needed the memory was of course at the bottom of the stack so I ended up taking down my entire site so I wouldn’t cause data corruption or a huge outage I wouldn’t be able to take care of very easily.

Now memory update is done and more to come as I get mys environment updated some more!