Replaced Router & Updated MultiPlayer Game Server Fans


I replaced one of the routers in my environment as well as updated the fans on the multiplayer gaming server to improve cooling and air flow.

The router started suddenly causing issues in the environment last week in the middle of some other projects I had going. I reloaded the firmware since it was at the latest firmware as well as reloaded the settings from a config file I had saved but the router continued the erratic behavior of dropping packets.

I had an older router that just really has one LAN port not functioning with all other functions working fine so I uploaded the config file to that router and put that in place of the router that was dropping packets and so far everything looks just fine.

I think that I will have to consolidate my router operations at some point and I’m researching and evaluating multi-IP routers.

The multiplayer game server I reconnected some positional fans that hover over the CPU’s that I had previously connected but disconnected to connect the turbo fan heat sink combo I have now. This system has some serious air flow issues since I built it into a non-standard case with the motherboard layout its really not ideal. Ill soon be moving the multi-player server to another system an that will alleviate this issue.

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