Solaris 11 x86 Now Installed


Well I placed Solaris 11 x86 on one off My Supermicro systems for now to see what’s different and this also gets any version of Solaris back up in my environment after a long absence. Previously I had this system running ESXi 4.1 and a few virtual machines.

Now with Solaris 11 x86 I will get an opportunity to deploy Oracle’s version of vitualization “Zones”.

Looks like a lot changed in Solaris 11, plus I realized after talking to some administrators who play with Solaris full time I needed to stick my fingers back in on a more regular basis to re-familiarize myself. I think I will throw Solaris 10 up somewhere as well maybe as a virtual guest on VMWare or Solaris Zones or are they Solaris Containers?

My Adatptec 7902 SCSI RAID card is throwing out some errors but my drives were recognized just fine. I may suppress those errors if I find they are meaningless as I suspect. I added additional drivers for the SCSI RAID during install that installed fine so will see how things play out.

Stay tuned the promised changes to the web sites is still going albeit slowly and my entire lab/computer room is changing along with other major adjustments in life so you will see changes in bursts!

Posted from my new Solaris 11 x86 system’s desktop.

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