Replaced Switch in Enviornment After Failure


I was working on some new pages on my site and then my site went down. I
had to troubleshoot the issue and found that it was my switch that
comes into my entire environment from the WAN that then goes to my
routers. I had to fire up Wireshark to see that the responses were being
rejected until I bypassed the switch to each router. still the switch
would act as if it was working and then finally after the last power
recycle of switch not even the connectivity activity lights came back

While the switch was connected the routers started cycling to show a
status of WAN disconnected so that was another clue. Oh well time I
slapped another switch in its place and I’m fully back up once again.
I’ll have to upgrade in that area once again which I was already looking
at but wanted to look into other upgrades in the environment first.

Either way back up and serving web pages and streams once again!

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