New Barefoot Minimalist Challenge Medium Distance Track Speed


That’s right I am now officially trying to get in shape for the all-comer track meets and attempt to run my old races the 800m 1500m and maybe the 3000m runs on track.

I ran the 800m this past weekend to see where I was at and it wasn’t a great run but considering that I was leg dead from my weight & runs, plus I stayed up until 4am in the morning still got up early.

I also had to replace and rebuild my starter(replaced plunger & contacts internally) on my truck after getting virtually no sleep after a hectic week in which I had to get my trucks rear end rebuilt, had electrical issues plus I had to repair some critical components on my servers.

Back to the running I was worn out as heck but now I know I need to do intervals more dramatically and work on my speed I felt very tight.

The other reason I wanted to run out here in California,at least locally here in Sacramento the funding is no longer there for the high school sports and my little entry fee helps them.

Stay tuned they are having the 35 and over championships here in Sacramento this year and I intend to be an entrant and work towards more than being decent in the 800m.

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