First 7 Mile Run in Vibram five Fingers


I’m just back from my first run (hour ago) in VFF (Vibram Five Finger) KSO’s of over 4 miles I should have done it earlier but head colds, home projects, schedule & trepidation delayed me a bit.
The first part of my run was pretty standard pace for my 4 miles runs and maybe a little faster than I wanted as there was a runner going the same way I was on my course for the first time I could recall in a very long time. The other runner kept me from backing too far off of my pace as you tend to do when running a longer distance than you had in bit.
During the run I reminded myself to keep a slight 10 – 15 percent body lean forward which seems to insure my proper foot strikes and stride.
Normally after my initial run of this manner my body feels a bit beat up and jostled around. Today I just feel like I had some cardio and my calves feel like they did some stretch work and I felt a tinge in my right knee (slowly going away) that has been there since June well before my introduction to the Vibram Five Fingers.
The trepidation’s I had were my old reasons of the stress on the body I knew running this distance previously when not being in the best shape and how it keeps you from sometimes running again soon. I was also trying to ease into the VFF KSO’s since I felt weird about being able to get so comfortable in them for the 4 mile runs.
Well I don’t feel all beat up I don’t have to get into my hammock and crash for a while and take it easy after this run! I now know I should have been doing this run about 2 or 3 weeks ago if not for the head cold!

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