Picking up Time on My Runs Barefoot Alternative


Well I got a couple more runs with my VFF ( Vibram Five Finger) KSO’s in since my last post including earlier this morning and my time improved again over a 30 seconds on my 4 mile run.
I’m starting not to worry so much about adjusting to the KSO’s and just going out concentrating on running. Thursday I was running errands so I went and ran a bit over 4 miles at one of the local Junior College track at ARC and that felt good as well.
I’m not quite ready to go over 4 miles yet but I think I will try an LSD (Long Slow Distance) in my KSO’s soon.
As far as how I feel after the runs my back, hamstrings & shins don’t feel the tightness like a ball I used to feel. The place I feel a bit of impact is my lower calves but its just like working a muscle in the gym. During the day I notice I have more spring in my calves when going up the stairs and with my normal steps my walking stride is changing.
I’m really liking my KSO’s for running so far.

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