Hitting The Weights In The Garage….Again


Once again as I moved items out of the house into the garage and then out of
the garage I cleared up enough space to get my weight’s out in position so I can
go from station to station and get my weight lifting routine in.

I usually hit my legs first doing "leg curls" alternating with "leg
on my leg press machine. I then hit my "leg extensions" for my
quads alternated with "seated toe raises".

Then I hit the upper body doing the "bench press" alternated with
"stomach crunches"
on my "roman chair".

From there it alternates in order but I always get in the following:
Pull downs for triceps
Military Press for shoulders
Dumbbell fly’s for the chest
– 30 minutes of hitting the stationary bike and I don’t mean slowly

Because I got a late start I didn’t hit the bike tonight. I had to set my
weights back up the way I like them so there was a lot of adjusting going on I
will not have to do the next time.

The reason I hit lower body and upper body on the same day is because on the
days I don’t hit the weights I really hit cardiovascular really hard.
This is how I have always worked out and it really is good for strength,
stamina and endurance.

Plus you really get good quick results if you can stand the initial hit your
body feels for 2 -3 weeks and tough it out! You have to eat well and at the
right times of the days when doing this at least 75% of the time. I know this
and still have a hard time because when hitting the runs I go on your legs feel
like lead and its a real fight making the last part of a 5 – 7 mile run or
finishing off a late night work out during those second and third weeks.

Later I mix some other exercises in when I hit a certain level and on the
days I do cardio I also do push-ups and stomach crunches right
after the run. This is also the time my allergies are at their
worst so that’s another foe to fight.

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