May 13, 2017
by dhoytt

Spring Weekend Around the House Music

A wide variety of music to listen to while doing spring cleaning and general lounging around the house or out and about with the right mobile technologies.


a sample set of artists are “Morris Day and the Time“, Klymaxx, Kanye West, Migos, Funkadelic, The GoGo’s, DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, Prince, Michel’le,  Katy Perry etc..

    March 11, 2017
    by dhoytt

    Sup Saturday with the Music

    What’s up with the music this Saturday well here at Snakeice’s House of Beats I’m weaving a little mix or mostly medium type beats with a few high powered to wake you up and then taking it back down again. Really going to try and mix a lot of blues and jazz this Saturday and songs with that vibe but of course will get the other genres in as well in sets.


    As I like to do here’s a list of the artists and it can be their newest or maybe some older cuts songs but something that really fits.

    I have some Joe Bonamassa,  Joe, Bon Jovi, Larry Graham, Robert Brookins, Stephanie Mills, Eazy E, ( have to mix it up), Afrika Bambaataa, 112, Mozzy and it goes on…



    February 26, 2017
    by dhoytt

    Late Night Musical Currents

    Another late night another session of throwing different musical currents for you to bathe in. Sometimes the currents are light and smooth you can float on other times a strong pull that takes you to different depths.

    Here’s a sample of some artists to give you an idea of  songs that have already played or will soon be getting this stream moving: Marvin Gaye, Adele, Nina Simone, Yuna, Kenny Lattimore, John Legend, Lisa, Lisa and Cult Jam, En Vogue, Gyptian and many more.



      December 7, 2016
      by dhoytt

      Back to Grindstone Work Out Beats

      Getting my booty back into the gym after the longest layoff of my life since the 6th grade due to a mix of injuries in lower, mid and upper extremities of my body plus some crazy scheduling of private pursuits moving things around and being sick this past week.  No matter the shape I’m in I go hard so used this time to get fully healed, that’s the only plus because I should have done a little bit to stay in touch with my fitness as I normally do. Now I have to stop doing things that got me injured, but what fun is that. 😉

      This is a mix where I invite you to listen in on one of my private work out mixes as I have in the past. I’m going to start slow as I will with my workout but hey I have to have the hard and wild so if you want PC language and topics kindly don’t listen unless you just have to! All genres and eras will be present.

      A sample of who you ask, well here are some artists: Rose Royce, Azealia Banks, George Clinton, Def Leppard, Stalley, Brotha Lynch Hung, Beanie Man and so much more!



      November 4, 2016
      by dhoytt

      Late Night Wild Not Leave it to Beaver Mix

      I already kicked it off with some old school R&B now moving into the hip-hop era and then going to get into some hard core and then just continue blowing it out there hitting some hard rock along the way and anything wild from any era and genre I think fits into the mix.

      So yeah if you are looking for some of the “oh golly gee Beaver” stuff then this is the wrong place for you. Should you just want to feel that wild vibe and don’t mind a little non-pc and a bit of language in a fun manner stay tuned!

      Them later I will slide into a little mellow late night groove.

      Some of the artists: Red Cafe, Remy Ma, Pooh-Man, D12, Eminem, 2Pac, Lana Del Rey, Prince, Corinne Bailey Rae and a bunch more!

      June 4, 2016
      by dhoytt

      Hot Saturday Sounds

      Scorching hot Saturday music set starting in 1,2,3 well it’s already begun!

      This Saturday mix consists of some of the following hot artists past and present: Prince, KC & the Sunshine Band, T-Nutty, Rihanna, Breaking Benjamin, Gwen Stefani, The Supremes, Twenty88, Queen and well you get the idea!