Doing some very monotonous tasks that need to be done but mind numbing and boring. This is all music from my den “Snakeice’s House of Beats”. That means all the infrastructure producing the musical stream and websites are on systems right in my personal computers on a on premises type cloud in my home that I have created from scratch on my personal property and I alone administer and support and customize the systems to my specifications network, hardware, software applications and storage is all my design and build specifications.

I do this for the experience of interacting with the various open source technologies that most people pay fees to have someone provide. Many people repackage and present this which is fine but I like providing the whole package otherwise its of no interest to me to have someone else host and do the work what am I learning and its not fun.

I like to reiterate this periodically as people ask questions. A select few understand (technology and why I do it) most don’t.

Anyhow this mix as most here even when I’m just relying on the scripts will be a special mix of various hand picked genres with a set of songs that at this point and time I want to hear and flow together. I can’t do just one genre I like several for my musical palate. They can be complex or simple but music I enjoy and hopefully you will as well.

I still have yet to incorporate some more Indies artists music that people have sent me lately and I will get you in the mix soon! Until then enjoy.

A few artist coming up are some you have heard of and maybe some you haven’t are Icey Jaye, Popcaan, C-Bo, Will Smith, Doug E. Fresh, Meyer Rossabi, Leon Bridges, Ellie Goulding and so many more from all eras and many genres.