More Music Stream Updates & Local Artists


This morning I updated the new server to hit the music categories to better play the music from those categories as well as setting and adding local artists category so they will play more frequently.
I also hit up Silks last night to see local artists specifically fellow Grant Pacer Alumni “CS Hardhitters” banging out their beats. Where they put on a nice bangin’ show once they got on stage along with headliners “Big Rich” and some other Hip-Hop artists from the Sactown, Stockton & the Bay.
I have to say there is a lot of unknown & unheard Hip-Hop talent out there in this region!
The local artists songs I added recently are:
Feva In Da Funkhouse (Featuring more Grant Alumni Pacer) they put on a show Thursday at “Club Avalon” here in Sacramento I missed unfortunately I was stuck working on my server but I have seen them in person and they are a must see with band, vocalist & MC’s.
I already told you about the personable “CS Hardhitters” posse tearing up the stage I saw @ Silks last night.
I also added local artists “Flossalini” from the neighborhood & “B Peezy” who were on the scene at the Silks supporting the Sactown Hip-Hop scene and promoting.

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