New Music Added to The Mix Music Server Is Back Up


I’m back streaming music! I added some new songs by current artists such as T-Pain, Ne-Yo, and The Mossie etc… I also added some of my old school favorites like Aura’s “Are You Single” (I used to wear that tape out), David Ruffin, Gap Band, Spinners, Klymaxx, Shock and Too Short’s 12” Classic “Girl Cocaine” (short version) I used to bump on the cruise in my ‘69 Caprice and Jeep, just to give you a taste of the flavor I’m mixing here.
You may ask why does the music need to re-sync well this is not just a bunch of files put together like some then processed through a stream. Here I try and give as true DJ experience as possible which is music without silence between songs! My music is mixed in with the software I use just like a DJ would. I can also control how I want the music mixed as it is streamed through the internet. I add songs as I go as well but on some days I add a lot of music at one time like tonight.
Drop in when you can and you will hear something that may sound familiar but is an old song you never heard before but was sampled or remade into a current hit.
You may hear a song start thinking yeah this takes me back and it’s a current release!
Sometimes you will get this back to back so come by and chill with me in my virtual “Snakes Den of Music”. cool.gif
A snakes den is always a nice mellow place to chill as long as you don’t make the wrong move. <img src="/mt-static/smilies/wink.gif"

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