Loving New Drink Ty-Ku With Mint Leaves From Garden


Made some delicious drinks over the weekend with this new liqueor Ty-Ku its a light liquor and it seems to mix nicely with a wide variety.

I mixed it with some Remy Ma VSOP Cognac to make something they call Godzilla. Even made what they called an Asian Mojito!

Tonight I wanted something light to sip and started to make a nice neat traditional martini but then mixed some Ty-Ku, Grey Goose Citron, Bombay Gin and mint leaves from my garden shook it up in the shaker with some ice and it it is delicious!

Only issue is its Monday so will not be able to indulge too much but this weekend I’ll be sipping more! Now just trying to find things to fill my bar out and give a lot of options when people stop by.

That and a quick dip in the pool in the night about 9 pm PDT after Monday Night Football worked just fine to relax me with some cool a$$ music on my site @ http://dhoytt.com/snake-ice-radio-blog/

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