September 12, 2017
by dhoytt
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Perfect 100 Degree Evening In Attic with AC Then Garden Planting 

Spent the evening first in the attic where my central air units blower was ground to a stop then in the garden planting some new mature tomatoe plants.

This was was the second time in 5 weeks I had major issues with my AC unit. The prior issue end of July was my external AC units fan that cools the compressor had stopped. In July I was able to troubleshoot that to a capacitor issue that is common with AC external units. In July I purchased the capacitors and a relay unit with a friend who has a contractors license. Ended up replacing 2 capacitors and a relay unit.

Today I ended up finding the issue was the blower had somehow slipped to the bottom of the shaft and was scraping the bottom of its enclosure. At the top there’s a brace that has 3 places the fan hangs from and 2 of the 3 screws were loose so I tightened them.

The fan unit of the blower was still scraping the bottom of the enclosure so I loosened the screw/pin or whatever its called on the shaft moved it up and tightened it.

The blower shaft is like a half- moon D shaft with the square screw\pin on the flat portion. Thank goodness I could get to it from the part of the attic where it had the most room and a nice platform to layout on.

Still at one point I had one finger pinned between 2 sharp fan blades and the side of the sharp enclosure with the fan digging into my flesh and my other arm on the other side of my body. I was able to carefully and slowly reposition without losing flesh or a fingernail which seemed inevitable at one point.

To get the clearance to tighten the fan on the right spot I had to use my ratchet wrench as a spacer between the fan and its enclosure. 

On top of that I also had to pickup all my pieces of my 155 piece tool case I had dropped!

After all of that I was going to leave the 3 tomato plants I had picked up Sunday and intended to plant first thing this evening for another day. I was pretty riled up from the AC trying to get me again so I decided I wouldn’t let that stop my plans got my lantern and spot light plus shovel and planted my tomatoes!

Now I hope I’m ready for the next AC surprise and I have part of my secondary plants planted for our late California gardening season we have if you are prepared.

September 2, 2017
by dhoytt
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Saturday Beginning Labor Day Gumbo Mix

This Saturday Labor day mix personifies what Snakeice’s House of Beats is About multiple eras and genres.


Some 1980’s sounds with Billy Joel,  Madonna Anita Baker, Prince and others.

1990’s arts like D-Shot, Shabba Ranks, Salt N Peppa.

New millennia like Kanye, Fergie, Mint Condition

Latest music from Halsey, Rihanna, Lorde and others.

August 6, 2017
by dhoytt
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Fedora 25 to 26 Update Works Well

I just finished about and hour  ago updating my Fedora 25 workstation to Fedora 26 following Fedora DNF System Upgrade and it seems to be working great! This is the second system in a couple of days I have updated the first being my Fedora workstation at work. This is literally the first time that I have successfully updated a major Linux version without some type of a clean install of the OS partition and felt comfortable.

I feel comfortable because I don’t see any leftover remnants of Fedora 25 still around. Seems that “dnf” has a switch called “–allowerasing” that allows it to remove problematic packages of the lower OS version. Allowing certain packages to be erased by this switch seems to prevent version and library incompatibilities and that frustrating mixture of OS versions that has lead to me having an OS specific disc with configuration changes saved in my home directory which is a separate physical disk. Actually I will keep that convention so that I can swap my boot OS disk for the fastest available and other positives.

Anyway the whole purpose of me writing this is to say it looks like Fedora using DNF has really taken a huge step in system upgrading and I can’t wait to see how this develops in the enterprise world when\if it reaches Red Hat’s official version and Centos.

    July 31, 2017
    by dhoytt
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    Monday Moonshine and Mellow Music

    Been a rough Monday or a smooth let’s end this night with mellow music under the moonlight with the likes of Joss Stone, Coldplay, Toni Braxton, Sarah Vaughn, George Benson, Charlie Wilson, Diana Krall.. well you get the picture.


    July 23, 2017
    by dhoytt
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    Kicking off Hot Sunday Evening

    Finally getting to slow down this weekend (shopping, plumbing, pest control and multiple wasp stings) and will start with some standard “Snakeice House of Beats” mixed genre rough and wild moving to mellow and sultry.

    Going to go with some artists like YG, Snoop Dogg, Jacka & Berner, T.I. then flow into Fantasia, Najee, TGT, Lindsey Stirling and just keep mixing and matching as appropriate.

      July 10, 2017
      by dhoytt
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      Taking Care of Ants in Garden 

      Yesterday brushed my okra with my arm picking bell peppers and had ants all over my arms, plus some near the house. Today placed some liquid ant bait and an hour later the liquid ant bait was full of ants. I can’t wait to see if this eliminates them.

      July 8, 2017
      by dhoytt
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      Music Server Back Streaming Music after Updates

      Well what just started off as a W2012 r2 security patch update ending up being a bit more. I ended up updating not only the server where I process the music, run the streaming application with it’s database and ShoutCast relays but also my IceCast relay which is Centos 7. When I saw the new kernel I also did a quick and dirty update on my Centos 7 web server I have virtualizized on XenServer since it was a quick update for a virtual system.

      As I brought up the SAM broadcasting software I use to stream the data I noticed there as a new version and I took a leap of faith and updated that as well since it had improvements with how it interacted with my MySQL database.


      In short form back up and streaming ahead at full speed on the “Snakeice House of Beats” Ship streaming service!