July 8, 2017
by dhoytt
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System Maintenance Reboot to Install Security Patches

Apologies for the brief music stream interruption but installing some security updates on the w2012 r2 streaming server and will be back in a few minutes. My Centos 7 web server will be up still.

I decided to update my Centos 7  monitoring server that also acts as IceCast relay since the streaming server will be down. This  monitoring /IceCast relay server is also a separate server from the web server ans streaming music server. My ShoutCast streams are run from the W2012 r2 server.

    July 1, 2017
    by dhoytt
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    Hot Spread of July Summer Music

    What’s hot about this deliberate musical spread i’m about to lay out for you is that it will take you back to the old hip-hp days, through some old school rock, some funk with a few spots of smoother sounds. Will then hit you with more current tunes of all genres and move it back and forth on you until late Saturday night and then I may let it go on my scripts again which has its own special spice I mixed in that keeps it going 24 hours and surprises me all the time.

    Avery Snakeice House of Beats vibe!

    Some old school:

    Boogie Boys, Sugarhill Gang, Connie, Da Brat

    Some Rock:

    Def Leppard, Accept, Jimi Hendrix

    Some Funk, Gap Band, Parliament:

    Some newer sounds sprinkled in Lorde, Big Sean, Trombone Shorty, Wale:

    July 1, 2017
    by dhoytt
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    2017 Vegetable Garden Starting to Kick into High Production 

    Pruning plants, weeding and redistribution of my drip system sprinklers as the plants grow has my vegetables really producing healthy hearty produce.

    Very nice going out in the morning collecting herbs like basil, chives and tomatoes to accentuate breakfast. Then later in the day squash, rosemary, beans, cucumbers or Swiss chard for my other meals.

    Soon my peppers and eggplants will join the mix!

    June 13, 2017
    by dhoytt
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    Rebooting Streaming Server After Updates Back in a Bit

    Update the OS that has the streaming server so there will be a slight break in the music stream though the website will be up while I reboot my server I stream the music from.


    As an update on this I also updated the streaming application I use SAM Broadcaster to the latest version and my IceCast relay server system which is of course another separate system. The streaming server is W2012 r2 and the IceCast server is running Linux Centos 7 as is my web server. I stream to ShoutCast from my windows 2012 R2 streaming server that has SAM Broadcaster on it.

    June 10, 2017
    by dhoytt
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    Vegetable Garden 2017 Progressing Producing 

    Picked out 5×5 gallon buckets of weeds from the vegetable garden today and noticed the gardens are progressing nicely.

    Here are some current pictures:

    Prior to weeding

    Prior to weeding

    After weeding

    After weeding 

    After weeding

    Baby zucchini squash 

    Cucumber hiding under leaves 

    Early Girl Tomatoes 

    Rosemary, Sage, Oregano, Habanero 

    Thai Basil 

    Bush beans

    Yellow Pear Tomatoes 

    Collard Greens and my dragonfly companion and grape vine in background 

    Dragonfly with cucumber plant foreground and grape vine background 

    Purple Basil, Okra and Celebrity Tomatoes 

    Italian Oregano and mint

    May 24, 2017
    by dhoytt
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    Recovered from Catastrophic XenServer failure that made me Love Linux Even More

    I now know why I really love Linux right now after totally losing my XenServer configuration due to some overheating in my home data center today. I reinstalled my XenServer server reattached storage to my XenServer server and then reattached the luns I had created with unique names to my VM with the former boot drive in position 0 in the VM, and then my home VG drive in position 1 then my game drive as position 2 and the server booted Centos 7 just fine! I had to reset the network interfaces on XenServer and VM plus sit through a Selinux re-label on boot and then voila I’m up and running again


    This past week I have actually been dealing with overheating since it started dramatically warming up here in the Sacramento valley. I have been able to log in remotely and get my XenServer back up until today when even the IPMI connection went dead on me I knew the server was in trouble then!

    When I got home I still thought I would be able to clear some logs in the bios and crash dumps in XenServer and things would be back up in about 30 minutes. Not today, I had been neglecting these babies too long!

    I could not even boot off the safe mode kernel! For XenServer I could only get to the CLI in single-user and could not get past that. The system was complaining about not being able to mount a filesystem “/var/xen/xc-install”. The complete error was: “Failed to mount /var/xen/xc-install”.

    I looked in /etc/fstab and sure enough it had the line:

    • /opt/xensource/packages/iso/XenCenter.iso /var/xen/xc-install   iso9660   loop                                             ,ro   0  0

    Well I could see the file /opt/xensource/packages/iso/XenCenter.iso   and the mount point “/var/xen/xc-install “but when I did “mount –a” it said “filesystem type iso9660 unknown! I knew I had some module or kernel issues then or something else was royally corrupted. I played around with the basic XenServer commands then realized the cause was lost and I didn’t want to go forward with some kluge of a system.

    I did try and upgrade with a XenServer 7.0 DVD but that produced an error message I didn’t bother to even notate something about a split.  So I weighed my options and went for the clean install to my XenServer disk. I verified all my hardware was solid and in good shape even blew off some dust and reseated memory and storage controller cards in the XenServer.

    Then booted up my FreeNAS primary server reattached the NFS share from there that has all my ISO’s for installing OS’ and was thinking I would boot off of the Centos 7 ISO and then “dd” all my boot drive then my home drive then may game drives to the new luns.

    As I reattached my prior drives to the new VM I decided that if I the Linux Rescue CD could detect my old environment and I received a proper path like /dev/xvdN  then I would try to position my drives old luns properly  and boot my VM up Well that’s what I did  and it worked as  I explained above!

    Maybe my Windows VM’s will come up just fine with this method as well. This however means that I will now bring both of my XenServers up to run once again in an HA ( Highly Available) configuration with my FreeNAS as storage instead of using local storage I had been using so I could cut down on my energy costs. The use of local storage seems dead now and it looks like I may have to bite the bullet on Solar since I haven’t found a place I want to move to yet! Ahh well the complications of life at least now I will not have to login and bounce my systems with IPMI or “wake on LAN”.

    Well I have a lot of work ahead of me with these issues later this week and beyond so excuse the typos and grammatical errors for now I’m going to bed, I still get up pretty early!

    May 21, 2017
    by dhoytt
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    Updated Site and Shoutcast Streams

    Well today I updated the Shoutcast streams and saw that a new version of WordPress was available I updated that as well. Besides updating to the latest stream software for Shoutcast I also did away with the 160kbps stream and made that a 192kbps stream to as I noticed Shoutcast searches on Radionomy do not visibly have a search for 160kbps or other custom stream bit rates.

    All music and servers I host, build and maintain from my home data center.


    You can click on one of the players I built into my website or click on one of the links below or copy into your favorite music streaming application:











    May 13, 2017
    by dhoytt
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    Spring Weekend Around the House Music

    A wide variety of music to listen to while doing spring cleaning and general lounging around the house or out and about with the right mobile technologies.


    a sample set of artists are “Morris Day and the Time“, Klymaxx, Kanye West, Migos, Funkadelic, The GoGo’s, DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, Prince, Michel’le,  Katy Perry etc..