December 15, 2019
by dhoytt
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Web Server OS Updates

Just finished with OS system updates on my Linux Cenots 7 webs server and since it updated the kernel and other critical OS files it needed a reboot to run on the new kernel and other files. No issues and things are up running again fine.

During my system updates months ago I had also moved my IceCast relays to the web server and I will change that when I have time so I noticed I knocked some listeners off the IceCast relays temporarily during the reboot.

November 28, 2019
by dhoytt
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Breaking the Monotony Music Set

A need for a nice set of music thrown together first a little hit of street vibe, then some slow grinding sounds then letting loose once again with music from different genres and musical eras with an edge the way I like.

Listen with me and just hear a songs you know mixed with other songs you know that are normally not in the same sets.

I mean ACDC with Shelia E, Pet Shop Boys, Lil Jon, Macy Gray, Taylor Swift, Bootsy and Beyonce are just a few.

November 2, 2019
by dhoytt
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Kicking the Feet up Rowdy Old School With a Few recent Beats

Getting through the day with some music and stringing together some rowdy old school with some fairly recent sounds laced in as long as it continues that rowdy and wild vibe.

Got the original NWA crew, Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Eazy E, when they all went solo with some battle style raps, BDP D12 ,Yoyo, The Mossie, even some Rock-and Roll with Accept, Guns n Roses, Nickelback and others.

Ice Cube
Dr. Dre
Eazy E
BDP (Boogie Down Productions
Yo Yo
Gins N Roses

August 6, 2019
by dhoytt
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Getting HP C7000 BladeSystem Started

Well after picking up my HPC7000 Blade chassis with some nice components I finally made room in my computer room and got the chassis powered up. I also picked up some barebones Bl460 G7 blade servers I can get started on.

First as noted I needed to get the chassis together and in my computer room. First I put my main chassis on a four wheel heavy duty furniture dolly then snapped in the backplane and modules.

I then stacked all of my UPS on one side of my 19″ rack on another four wheel heavy duty furniture dolly. Then wheeled in the C7000 chassis.

Then my issue is I didn’t have the proper power cords so picked those up at the same place I got the barebone servers. Still I had a power issue as my power supplies only operate off of 200-240vac. Found some power supplies that work off of 100-120vac and I have power.

Now the LCD screen is locked so I cannot configure anything that way and I can’t guess the IP address of the HP OA(Onboard Administrator) for the C7000 chassis. I try resetting the OA but that does nothing.

Now I decide to serial into the OA and find my USB to serial cable but I need the female to female null modem adaptor. I know I have one but can’t find it. I head over to Frye’s to get a null modem cable.

Now I cannot login using my Windows laptop because Windows 10 no longer has HyperTerminal and cannot load proper drivers for my USB to serial cable.

Now thank goodness the null modem cable is long so I go connect it to my Linux workstation. Now it’s been the ’90’s since I did Linux or UNIX serial connections using Kermit and I’m having issues. Finally I get minicom command to work connect to the HP OA and reset my password and network information.

Just the baby steps and the technical commands and steps I’ll post later plus a few more pictures.

July 25, 2019
by dhoytt
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Changed Icecast Relay to Another System

I am retiring one of my systems that is using some energy for processes that don’t require a lot of system resources and one of the things it did was run my Icecast relays. I switched the Icecast relays to one of my virtual systems and will have a backup for them ready on another system.

Had you been connected to my Icecast relay you would have had a brief buffering like pause and been reconnected.

I just had to install from a repo on to one of my Centos 7 systems copy over my configured icecast.xml file from another system, change the ip.address/system names appropriately in the file then open my ports with firewalld, forward ports on router, then point to the new system in my Broadcasting software SAM and I was back up again. I did notice some brief disconnects but they came right back!

July 23, 2019
by dhoytt
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The Yard

Finally got the front yard to an easier maintenance state. Pulled the weeds put down some more weed block, put in some coyote statues then layered in some black bark, then manicured the bushes and it’s looking much better.

I even had to fix this t-junction I happened to accidentally step on that feeds my front yard drip system.

July 9, 2019
by dhoytt
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Pictures Tell the Story of Backyard Garden Improvements

After coming back from overseas abruptly for personal reasons came back to an overgrown vegetable garden with ruined sprinklers. First I pulled the big weeds, then, repaired the drip system in the backyard, then watered a while used a semi-operational rototiller and a light weight tiller then raked weeds and roots that filled my green waste bin.

I then laid out some mature vegetables with a little top soil under and around the vegetables to form a top soil moat to allow the roots to grow and take hold quickly. Then placed the drips in more permanent positions.

During testing of the drip system that’s was damaged by people who were supposed to be taking care of my yard I noticed a leak spring up and became a mini-geyser I had no choice but to fix right away.

To get to the actual leak I went down about 2.5 feet deep and 3.5 feet wide plus 2 feet across. The soil was hard clay and roots some almost the diameter of pvc pipe then some like heavy wire every inch. A lot of roots were wrapped around the sprinkler pipes and valves so I had to use hand tools scrape away dirt, then make sure it wasn’t pipe or wiring from the sprinkler control unit. I even had to strategically cut roots as they had tension pulling every way on the pipes so if I cut one side the pipes or valves may get pulled and caused damage going the other way. Was slow going but got to the main issue in several hours.

Diagnosing the leak I found that I needed to replace some threaded 90 degree pvc joint leading to the sprinkler valve for my vegetable gardens. I have a total of 4 separate sprinkler zones one for drips in the front yard that came with the house I added to, my vegetable gardens in the backyard, grass strips in the backyard and one for potted/hanging plants in the backyard I have capped currently.

During this replacement of the piping I decided to replace the sprinkler valves with one that was easier to test with that had a handle you could get leverage on. The local big box hardware stores all had the same brands with small handles that over time and hard water make you place stress when testing. Plus they seem to not handle back flow well but they worked. I also decided to use a pipe union joint on both pipes in flow and out flow.

To avoid having to dig through clay soil and roots again I looked into a sprinkler valve box so I could leave the dirt out from around the sprinkler valves and pipes so they are easier to update or fix next time. Traditional valve covers didn’t work so finally got the idea to put a fake rock valve cover over the sprinkler valves. I then noticed my front sprinkler pipes were leaking badly before I could put execute my plan.

I then had to dig some more and then upon testing found the pipe adhesive on the angle pipes on the out flow had failed. These were done by the builder. I knocked off the old solvent, sanded by hand pipe and corner joint resealed.

I picked up some root block from a professional lawn care store I had found the traditional lawn valve covers that didn’t work for my situation.

Well the root blocks weren’t going to work either. So I just filled the bottom of the space of pipes with river rocks. Then to provide a base for my imitation granite rock sprinkler valve cover I inserted a 2 deep layer of concrete edge stones you would use for raised gardens to form a root block as well!

Now with work and other commitments this has taken parts of the last month. I basically finished this part of my project this weekend and vacation day from Wednesday to Monday by pulling weeds from vegetable gardens that newly popped up plus thorny weeds wit pick from my grass I had hired someone else to take care of while I was gone and power washing my concrete a second time from the dirt all this work produces.

All this time my 11kw solar system was also being worked on. Well the project is complete to get my sprinklers and yard into my normal acceptable range. Still work to do and the ever present maintenance. Plus some nice accents and finishing touches for later in the week. I have so much that needed to be done I’m sure I left out major steps.

That sums up only the outside around the house projects I of course have a bunch of other things going but wanted to document this.

Now pictures:

July 5, 2019
by dhoytt
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Curio Shopping Gaming Chair and C7000 BladeSystem Buying

Went looking for a corner curio almost bought it ended up with a gaming chair, HP C7000 Blade Chassis a couple of C7000 VC 10 GB modules and oh yeah an irrigation granite rock imitation valve cover!

Had 4 people help put the C7000 Chassis on my truck but only myself to take off my truck into the house and up a flight of stairs.

That’s right hundreds of pounds up the stairs by myself in pieces! Still the two main pieces were no joke and I walked the main chassis up one stair at a time after muscling it inside to the stairwell.

Here are the pics and I will start testing and playing with it soon!

June 14, 2019
by dhoytt
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Apache not Reading php.ini Changes Configuring New Zoneminder Install

I wanted to setup some quick testing of Zoneminder on different platforms last night and started the basic configurations. Installed Fedora 30 , installed RpmFusion repository, installed mysql community database mariadb, Apache installed, install Zoneminder rpms using “dnf” etc..

Went through the initial steps with Zoneminder configurations opened up firewall ports then navigated to the initial web page and got the message:

ZoneMinder is not installed properly: php’s date.timezone is not set to a valid timezone”

Should be simple go into “/etc/php.ini” set date.timezone restart Apache/HTTPD and get past that message then get in and do the initial configurations within Zoneminder but that’s not what happened.

In “/etc/php.ini I set date.timezone to America/Los_Angeles restarted Apache with systemctl and no changes. Checked for typos and invisible characters in “/etc/php.ini” restarted and nothing changed again. I started checking permissions on web files, started looking through “/etc/http/conf.d/php.conf” check Zonemindr config files everything looks solid but I still get the “ZoneMinder is not installed properly: php’s date.timezone is not set to a valid timezone” message.

This is a minimal install and I’m very sure I only have one version of php and Apache. To confirm I run:

#php -i | grep timezone
Default timezone => America/Los_Angeles
date.timezone => America/Los_Angeles => America/Los_Angeles

This shows I have set my timezone parameters properly yet I still get the message “ZoneMinder is not installed properly: php’s date.timezone is not set to a valid timezone”

# php -i | grep -i config
Configuration File (php.ini) Path => /etc
Configuration File => /etc/php.ini
Openssl default
config => /etc/pki/tls/openssl.cnf

Once again looks good and proves I’m editing the only and correct php.ini file but this isn’t translating to Zoneminder I looked for overriding parameters not finding any.

I found many workarounds in forums like providing the date.timezone value in “/etc/http/conf.d/php.conf” or going into “/usr/share/zoneminder/www/index.php” and commenting out the code checking date.timezone for the Zoneminder application. I don’t want edits and hacks all over in non-default files because when updating or changing things these things may cause issues.

Finally I created a phpinfo web page navigate to it and date.timezone value is blank!! Doing “php -i” shows properly still!

#php -i | grep timezone
Default timezone => America/Los_Angeles
date.timezone => America/Los_Angeles => America/Los_Angeles

Ok so obviously php.ini isn’t passing the date.timezone parameter to Apache for some reason even though the phpinfo web page shows it’s using the “/etc/php.ini” configuration file for php!

I checked the current Zoneminder system and they are setup with Apache and PHP identically except the OS versions Fedora 28 versus Fedora 30 so I started searching for difference in the versions and found what I needed in the Fedora forums. FastCGI is now a required dependency for Apache/httpd via the “php-fpm” service.

#systemctl status php-fpm

php-fpm.service – The PHP FastCGI Process Manager

I noticedphp-fpm has not been restarted since I made my changes in “/etc/php.ini” so now I decide to restart “php-fpm” and the “ZoneMinder is not installed properly: php’s date.timezone is not set to a valid timezone” message is gone so now I can actually configure Zoneminder with my cameras!

Basically this is what’s needed to make sure your changes you make in /etc/php.ini are passed on to Apache in Fedora 30 and possibly other versions starting at Fedora 27 though I didn’t have this issue with Fedora 28 or I didn’t notice it for some reason:

#vi /etc/php-fpm.conf

Make this change:

date.timezone = America/Los_Angeles

# systemctl restart httpd

# systemctl restart php-fpm

Verify by creating a pphpinfo file and navigating to it

Contents of phpinfo.php:

<?php phpinfo(); ?>


#cat /var/www/html/phpinfo.php
<?php phpinfo(); ?>


Fedora forum posts that pointed me in the right direction: which referenced: