June 18, 2018
by dhoytt
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Turning Over Garden

Getting set for garden turnover after early plants of mustard and lettuce bolted and went to seed. Now will try to plant the same but with a garden shade to protect from the Sacramento summer heat. Did some intense gardening over the weekend and Monday evening to remove the plants that went to seed plus some weeds now I’m ready to get some new plants in place.

May 20, 2018
by dhoytt
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Garden toTable Dinner

This is how I do my spring and summer dinners grabbing vegetables/herbs from the garden to the oven then the plate.

Today I have a mixture of different types of Swiss chard, mustard greens, collards, sweet basil, Thai basil, rosemary, mint,sweet purple onions and I’ll add salt, pepper and a dash of cayenne as my peppers aren’t ready yet.

Will throw the mix in a wok once I’m close to having my wood fired whole chicken ready.

I’ll be able to have leftovers off of this meal for a few days this week.

Swiss chard, mustard greens, collards, basil, onion, rosemary, mint getting prepped.

Swiss chard, mustard greens, collards, basil, onion, rosemary, mint chopped up.

Swiss Chard and Mints growing in garden.

Bush Beans in garden.

Cucumbers ready o be picked.

Big Boy Tomatoes, mints, sweet basil, Thai basil.

Bell Peppers, tomatoes and a need to weed.

More Swiss Chard, mustard greens, more mints, plus tops of purple onions to the left.

Collard greens. young basil plant in foreground, and young asparagus plan to the upper right.

Roma tomatoes with some immature chives.

Dozens of green cherry omatoes about to get ripe, more of my mint nemesis and another chives bunch.

Swiss chard, mustard greens, collards, basil, onion, rosemary, mint washed.Whole Chicken ready to go on my Traeger Grill.

May 13, 2018
by dhoytt
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Replacing Last Years Collard Greens and Barefooted in the Dirt

Removed last years stalks of collard greens earlier this week since they were going to seed and this years collard greens are growing rapidly. The collards from last year I let go a bit longer than normal and the stalks were long twisted and tough! I needed an axe to chop through the stalks! I then took the leaves off washed and will cut up later.

Earlier today I used the small tiller to prep the area last years collard greens were and planted yellow bell peppers, jalapeño peppers, summer squash, yellow crooked neck squash and another eggplant. While after tilling the soil and raking it I kicked off my flip flops and went barefoot in the cool rich soil and it felt great! I forgot how nice it feels to go barefooted in with cool dirt beneath your feet.That’s the thing about gardens they give a nice return in lots of areas you can’t perceive along with the obvious until you do it!

Last years collard greens gone to seed with peppers I will rotate into their spot.

Roots of last years collard greens.

Roots of last years collard greens size made apparent when shown next to y size 10 foot.

Collard greens wild twisted stalk cut with my ax.

Soil prepped tilled and planted along edges with new plants to flow into.

Going barefoot in the tilled soil.

Still barefoot in the garden feeling good.

This years collard greens looking good in east part of the garden.

Another shot of this years collards with some basil on the side along with romaine lettuce.

May 11, 2018
by dhoytt
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First Tomatoes of the Year

My first tomatoes of the season were some delicious cherry tomatoes I put in a salad with Swiss chard, basil,romaine lettuce, sweet purple onions and mustard greens all from my garden. Together with a baked potato and ribeye steak cooked to medium with my homemade dipping sauce for the steak was a great meal including 805 beer and Crown whisky as beverages.

April 24, 2018
by dhoytt
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Garden 2018 Spring Blossoms

Gardens in the front yard and backyard blossoming well again this year. The front yard producing vibrant, varied, colored rose blooms of different sizes from bush to long stemmed I have planted throughout the years.

The backyard has the hearty green leafy vegetables I planted early blossoming with different lettuce varieties, mustard/collard greens, plus peas, beans and tomatoes starting to produce. Under way are items like asparagus, eggplant, a variety of peppers squash, cucumbers with more planned shortly. There’s also my herbs with different basil varieties, rosemary, sage, thyme, even the ever present pests mint plants. I am allowing the mints to grow on the outer edges of the garden since mints are good in teas and cocktails and have great benefits despite their propensity to try to take over the whole garden.

April 6, 2018
by dhoytt
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Friday Gym Workout Music for First Serious Workout After Getting Body Aligned Correctly

Yes that’s right getting ready to get my first serious workout since I got my body realigned due to mattress issues as described in this post http://dhoytt.com/mainblog/2018/04/getting-back-into-swing-after-body-realignment-due-to-new-mattress/ and now its time to get back into Snakeice form baby with some music for the gym because most of my work outs will be running my courses after a while.

Going to be doing it mostly old school style with artists like Doug E. Fresh, Wrecks-N_Effect, Divine Sounds, Heart, Public Enemy, WC, Rodney O. & Joe Cooley but also some Drake, Fetty Wap, then slowing it down later with Xscape, Halsey, Marsha Ambrosius  and more.

April 6, 2018
by dhoytt
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Getting Back Into Swing after Body Realignment Due To New Mattress

Looking back it should not have been strange but after I bought new mattress with the adjustable frame my body literally corrected its alignment very dramatically. I was adjusting my bed and one side of my bed would not rise so I decided to lay it flat for the night until I could call the company or figure out how to get the whole bed’s head to rise.  I laid there a little pissed on the flattened out mattress on my new slightly firmer mattress on my back and felt my left lower back and hip area get hot then felt my lower back move up felt my ligaments from my lower back then inside of my inner thigh, to my knee all the way to the heel of my foot tighten as if on one rope and then the pressure released as my lower back and hip just sucked itself went back into place like a rock sinking in heavy mud! I now no longer have that tightness in my calf muscle, knee and I do not feel my body is slightly twisted any longer!

I had meant to replace my prior mattress for a while but kept putting it off but this year it was just too much I have a first generation memory foam mattress that had a sag of several inched in the middle and generated some heat as all memory mattresses do. I’m more than sure that having a mattress contributed to my recent injuries which all happened on my left side that corrected itself. Even with my extensive stretching I was sabotaging myself with the faulty mattress. Led to torn calf, Achilles, knee tightness, lower back strain and me not able to get my run on! I can feel the differences in my stretches when I walk and when I get up in the morning I don’t feel my body joints popping any longer!

When I first moved out my mom told me to invest heavily in a mattress since you spend so much of your life there and it seems like its really paying off to keep doing that instead of letting it lapse!I waited a while before testing out seriously but tonight I will put things to the test at the gym, then it’s time for the running man come back!